Letter from the Alumni Association Presidents

Jun 23 2017

Dear Fellow Columbia Engineers:

These are exciting times for our School! Open a copy of Columbia Engineering to any page and you will find stories of accomplishment, discovery, and groundbreaking achievement from our students, faculty, and alumni. We are certain you will agree that our School’s legacy of excellence remains on course, and we hope you will enjoy reading about the accolades, acknowledgements, and awards that members of our community have received from around the world.

More locally, we are happy to report that our School remains a hub of intellectual curiosity on Columbia’s Morningside Campus. Robust recruitment efforts led by Dean Mary Boyce have expanded the ranks of our distinguished faculty over the past year. Construction is underway to open up more classroom and laboratory space for use by SEAS professors, researchers, and students. Columbia College, Barnard College, and General Studies undergraduates are all registering for Engineering courses in record numbers as STEM learning and engineering disciplines are undeniably viewed as essential skills for all graduates.

With so much positive news coming from the S. W. Mudd building, it’s no wonder that so many of our fellow alumni are maintaining close ties to Columbia Engineering. Our mission, as alumni, is to help the School continue its upward trajectory, and the best way we can do this is by supporting the initiatives and leadership of Dean Boyce. The Columbia Engineering Alumni Association, Columbia Engineering Young Alumni, and the Columbia Alumni Association all host programs, events, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year, connecting alumni to students, faculty, the Dean, and each other. To stay up to date regarding alumni activities and programs, follow CEAA and CEYA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myceaa and www.facebook.com/myceya.

Professor Emeritus Rene B. Testa MS'60, EngScD'63
Columbia Engineering Alumni Association

Jessica Aspis BS'08, '13BUS
Columbia Engineering Young Alumni

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