Portrait of Prof. Drew Youngren  

Drew Youngren


287E Engineering Terrace

Tel(212) 851-7678

Drew Youngren focuses chiefly on undergraduate mathematics education. For more than 10 years, he has taught a range of courses from general interest statistics through non-Euclidean geometry for mathematics majors. Youngren is interested in the role of technology, and more specifically computation, in the learning of mathematics. He has participated in grant work to introduce computational work in discrete mathematics and on a larger scale in linear algebra.

At Columbia, he is developing the multivariable calculus curriculum tailored to the needs of engineers and applied scientists, where he hopes similarly to infuse technological elements into a classical curriculum.

He has received an Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Chicago, a RET (Research Experiences for Teachers) Fellowship from the National Science Foundation, and a Newton Fellowship from Math for America.

Youngren received his PhD from Northwestern University in 2006; an MA from New York University in 2007; an MA from Stony Brook University, 2002; and a BS from Columbia University in 2000.